Production of logistics

Are you fast and accurate?

The activities
Production work is all about activities which are focussed on producing a whole series of products. Logistics involves moving products to the right destinations.

Production activities often consist of assembly line work, packing, labelling, sorting, carrying activities, constructing and breaking down installations, tents, etc.

We are always on the look out for fork lift truck drivers, order pickers and distribution and warehouse employees for our Logistics Department.

Our collaboration
Experience is required for some production or logistics activities; for others this isn't the case. We will tell you exactly what we expect from you when you register and we will assume you are open about what you can do and about the things you still want to learn and/or improve. This ensures we are starting off on the right foot and we will also be preventing any unpleasant surprises and dissatisfied customers.

Working safely
We see working safely in a safe work environment as being of the utmost importance. Safety shoes and protective clothing, where required, are therefore generally compulsory.