How it all started

VZM was founded by Bas van Zwienen in 1997. Bas was employed as a greenhouse horticultural manager for years before founding the company. He grew to realise that good and motivated employees can make all the difference where difficult and easy times at work are concerned during this period. He brought this realisation with him when he founded VZM, the employment agency which aims to make it as easy as possible for the greenhouse horticulture industry to find appropriate employees. The current services package is completely focussed on this.

Our motivated office staff ensure all of our customers’ requirements where personnel and services are concerned can be effortlessly realised. If truth be told, we are sometimes quite amazed at what we can achieve under time pressure ourselves!

Our mission and vision

The VZM Employment Group’s ambition is to ensure all activities at its customer sites are realised efficiently, effectively and smoothly through the use of good and appropriately qualified employees. VZM sees people’s actions as the crucial factor where organisational success is concerned. Our activities are focussed on providing well qualified employees at the right time.


  • Listening to the customer
  • Constantly looking for the best possible employeesListening
  • Making a difference where service provision is concerned
  • Available 24/7 for our customers
  • Our customers’ interests is more important than our own
  • Honest, open and humorous
  • Always opting for the simplest solution