Always a warm workplace!

The Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture
(Greenhouse) horticulture plays a very important role in the Dutch economy. It's the third economic driving force after Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Harbour. This industry employs more than a hundred thousand employees, which includes many foreigners. There is more work in the spring, summer and autumn compared to the winter months.

Working in greenhouse horticulture
The VZM Employment Group has taken up an important position within the Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry. We organise work in the greenhouses for hundreds of people every year. This mainly concerns harvesting (picking and cutting) fruit vegetables and flowers. The most common fruit vegetables are peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. We have a great deal of work with gerberas, anthuriums and orchids where flowers are concerned.

The actual work
Working in greenhouses is not considered to be heavy work. It's suitable for both men and women. (Electric) carts are used to transport the harvested products. Plus modern equipment is used to make the work easier to carry out. However, you are expected to keep up a constant pace during your working hours.

Our collaboration
A probationary period or experience is required for all horticultural harvesting work. We will tell you exactly what we expect from you when you register and we will assume you are open about what you can do and about the things you still want to learn and/or improve. This ensures we are starting off on the right foot and we will also be preventing any unpleasant surprises.