Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below

What do I need to do if I'm ill?

Make sure you inform your VZM contact person if you can't come into work as soon as possible and always before you are due to start work. We will contact the customer and will explain the correct procedure to you.

Annual statement and tax declaration

An annual statement for the previous year is available at the start of February each year. You will need this annual statement for your tax declaration or when requesting a tax refund

I Am currently on benefits, what should I do?

VZM will inform the UWV as soon as you start working for VZM. You are responsible for contacting your benefits agency to inform them you have found work and that you want to stop the benefits. You can discuss matters with the benefits agency and arrive at a flexible arrangement whereby you will only lose part of your benefits if you are not going to be in fulltime employment. We can help you with filling out the paperwork for the benefits agency.

Can I work part-time too?

Yes, that's generally possible. This will involve some mornings or a few days per week in almost all cases. So not just weekends or evenings. We will discuss the most suitable options together with the customer and you.

When will i be eligible for a contract?

You will be entitled to a contract for a specific period of time once you have worked for 130 weeks, without any interruptions lasting more than half a year.

How and when will I get paid?

Salary payments are exclusively done via a bank account. We can transfer your salary to a foreign or Dutch bank account on a weekly basis. Your salary for the previous week will be deposited in your bank account every Wednesday.

What will i be earning?

This will depend on your age, experience and the number of hours you have worked per week, but it will always be in accordance with the CLA. We can provide you with an individual salary calculation when you register, if so required.

How do I get to my work?

We will arrange transport from various different departure points from and to the workplace.

Can VZM provide accommodation too?

Yes, accommodation forms part of the possibilities too. The houses usually have 2 to 3 bedrooms, a living room, a complete kitchen and a bathroom. Each bedroom is shared by two people. Central heating is standard. The homes are furnished and also have a television and washing machine. The rental price, dependent on the standard of luxury, is between €60 and €80 per week.

How can I register?

Click on the registration button to register now. You also have the option of popping into our offices between 09.00 am and 16.30 pm. Making an appointment first can prove useful, but is not essential.

What do I need to bring when I come in to register?

A valid proof of identity (passport, identity card, residence permit), social security number, bank account number and insurance card. Do make sure you bring along an overview of your work experience if you have this to hand too!

Can I work without a social security number?

You are not permitted to work without a social security number. You would be allowed to work, but you wouldn't be able to receive a salary. We won't be able to pay you for the hours you have worked until you have been assigned your social security number. So make sure you apply for a social security number from the Inland Revenue as soon as possible. We can do this on your behalf in an emergency.