VZM will make things easy for you!

The VZM Employment Group, active in the employment industry since 1997, has characterised itself through a professional way of working in all employment areas, including recruitment, selection and administration, right through to accommodation and transport. The customer benefits from this with skilled and motivated personnel, our quick and flexible reactions to all possible questions, as well as our surprising and sustainable solutions.

The employee benefits from this through being treated respectfully, being paid promptly and by having clear rules and instructions. Our way of working is professional, but certainly also personal and involved. This includes being available for our customers and employees 24/7.

The VZM Employment Group has been NEN 4400-1 certified for many years and is also a member of the NBBU sector association (Dutch Association of Mediation and Employment Agencies). We, as an employment agency, are particularly active within the horticulture, technology and production fields.

Our website will provide you with specific information regarding VZM, as well as our available employees and customers. You can also register via the website and view our vacancies. Looking for any other information? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us!