Our employees

Motivated and enthusiastic employees

How do we ensure we provide good and motivated employees?
This doesn't always prove to be that simple in practice. However, the experience we have gained throughout the years has helped us to develop a successful formula in the form of a three-step-model. This model appears to work very well for the VZM Employment Group and it has resulted in both satisfied employees as well as satisfied customers.

First step, international networks
The use of various different international networks means we have a large arsenal of national and foreign employees at our disposal: East Europeans, mainly Polish employees, Portuguese and (Turkish) Greeks.

Second step, careful selection
Everyone who registers with us will undergo two interviews with different recruiters. The recruiters will assess each potential employee independently from each other. Someone will only be considered for work placements via us if both recruiters rate the potential employee as being above average.

Third step, sustainable motivation
We do the following, in order to make sure all our employees stay motivated:

  • Weekly salary payment
  • Good accommodation
  • Punctual transport
  • Training
  • Support with any possible integration problems